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The REDJ Programme made accessible.

"A significant component of the REDJ Programme is in the counselling. However, as we enter into the cost of living crisis, REDJ Lite gives you access to the Exclusive REDJournal and the supporting videos without the need to commit to therapy."

        - Stuart, The Cochlear Implant Coach.

The REDJournal.  Totally EXCLUSIVE.

  • Journal your way through hearing loss
  • Guided exercises to help you process
  • Detailed guidance on the key stages
  • Prompts to informative videos  
  • Motivational quotes throughout
  • Top tips to hear your best 
  • REFLECTtive, thought-provoking spaces 

Bringing your journey to hearing to life.  With video.

  • EXPLORE a range of hearing loss themes
  • Learn about cochlear implant procedure
  • Prompts linking back to the REDJ Journal
  • All content is captioned in English

Our most accessible product.

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Why YOU might opt for REDJ Lite 

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Created by people with hearing loss for YOU!

Exclusively appropriate content not available offline

Option to dip into counselling should the need arise.

Qualified therapist to support you across a range of themes.